Cherry Y3 2016/17

St Augustine's School

Cherry Y3 2016/17

Places of Worship

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Today, we have learned about different places of worship, which are called: Churches, Synagogues, Mandirs, Mosques and Gurdwaras.

  • Church – Christianity
  • Synagogue – Judaism
  • Mandir – Hinduism
  • Mosque – Islam
  • Gurdwara – Sikhism

We have also looked at which religions are the most popular at our school and we discussed which places of worship we have been to. As a class, we have been to a church, a cathedral, a synagogue, a mosque and a mandir.



5+ Reads 📖

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Well done to these children who have read 5 or more times this week!

Can’t wait to see who it will be next week!


Homework 🏡

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 A huge well done to these children who have created such amazing volcanoes or layers of rock for their homework!

We all went outside to watch the volcanoes errupt and they were fantastic! Amazing effort and time; thank you to the children and parents who helped make these!


Explanation Texts

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Over the past 2 weeks we have been looking at explanation texts. We have learned how to write interesting introductions, excellent explanations and concise conclusions. We have also looked at embedded clauses, temporal conjunctions and causal conjunctions.

Today was our final write that explains what plants need to grow well.

Here is Ebony’s explanation text which has earned her a place in Gold Book this week…

How do plants grow well?

In this explanation text I’m goi g to explain how do plants grow well. A plant, which can come in various colours, is a little thing that can be different shapes and sizes.

The most important thing plants need is water because it gives the plant nutrients. The nutrients travels through the stem. Unfortunately, if they plant doesn’t have any water the leaves will become dry and the stem will appear to be fragile, hence this may cause the plant to die.

Another thing a plant needs is light. This will help the plant grow strong and healthy. However, if a plant doesn’t have these things it will grow tall but flimsy and very weak which will cause it to die.

Plants also need warmth. It needs warmth because it will germinate and grow super healthy. If it didn’t have these things it wouldn’t germinate and it will die. Did you know germinate means the plants is sprouting?

Now you know how plants grow well. Do you plant plants?

Absolutely fantastic Ebony! You should be very proud of your explanation text!


Christian Prayers 🙏🏻

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Today in R.E we have been looking at Christian prayers.

We have also been writing our own prayers which include saying thank you and sorry to God, as well as sharing our hopes for the future with him.

Here are a couple of our prayers!

Dear Lord,

thank you for my beautiful life and this day, for it has been extraordinary! I’m sorry for all the mistakes I’ve made through my life so far. Please forgive me. I wish that my family and friends will be successful and I hope that I get to see my daddy more often.


By Olivia 

Dear Lord,

thank you for my good friends, caring family and the world. I am sorry that I am grumpy, will you forgive me and help me to be a better Christian and to follow your guidelines?


By Jessica



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This week in maths, we will be looking at our 6, 7, 8 and 9x tables!

Here are some songs that might help you!


Shapes ◼️🔵🔻🔶

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Today in P.E we looked at and explored how to make different shapes with our bodies.

We made our shapes low, high, medium, wide and thin!

After, we explored different types of jumps and movement. We learned to jump forwards, backwards, side to side, quarter jumps, 180 jumps, jump to a balance and hopping forwards and backwards!

Ask us to show you how amazing we are!


Marvellous Magnets

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Today, as part of our topic and science lesson, we designed and made magnet games!

Miss Peach gave us some ideas for our games and we designed and improved those ideas.

Some of us made racing tracks for the magnets to push the cars, others did a fishing game for the magnets to catch the fish and a lot of us made a maze for our characters to try and get out.

We had loads of fun!


Staff Talent Show

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Once you have watched all the ACTS below please then vote once on your favourite one.






Red Nose Day

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Today has been a fantastic day!

Starting off with coffee morning, then KS2 talent show where the candidates were absolutely phenomenal, followed by the cake auction and finally the staff talent show!

What a busy but fun day! All for a good cause too!